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Welcome to the website of TNN Group s.r.o. - your reliable partner in international freight transport, pharmaceutical, and refrigerated goods transportation. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to provide you with professional and efficient services in the field of international cargo transportation. We understand the importance of reliability, speed, and safety in international trade, so we try to meet all your transport-related needs completely.


Number of kilometres done in 2022


Number of kilometres done in 2022

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Pharmaceutical Transportation

Pharmaceutical transportation requires specific and high-quality delivery. Pharmaceuticals must be transported in a regulated temperature environment. Our company fully complies with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) standards to ensure the quality of the transported pharmaceutical products.

We provide transportation within the EU, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Switzerland. All our trailers are certified by TUV Pharmaserv, ensuring compliance with all standards.


Transportation of Refrigerated and Frozen Foods

Regardless of the route or destination, we maintain the perfect condition of your refrigerated and frozen shipments, thanks to our temperature control solution for food transport.

Our vehicles are equipped with modern refrigerated and freezer trailers, allowing us to transport pharmaceutical and food products within temperature ranges of -25 to +25 °C.


Unmatched Excellence in High-value Goods Transportation

We understand that every valuable cargo is unique. That's why we offer customized transportation solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. From specialized packaging to temperature-controlled environments, we ensure that your goods receive the personalized care they deserve.

With our modern fleet of specialized vehicles, we offer unparalleled solutions in pharmaceutical transportation.

Why choose our medical transportation service?
Here are the main reasons:


Our fleet consists of well-maintained vehicles equipped with advanced tracking systems, guaranteeing real-time monitoring of valuable cargo. You can trust us to deliver the goods on time


Our highly trained and experienced drivers understand the sensitivity and urgency associated with pharmaceutical transportation. They skillfully navigate the roads, optimize routes to minimize delays, and ensure successful delivery.

Safety and Protection

The safety and integrity of pharmaceutical and refrigerated goods are top priorities. Our vehicles are equipped with special refrigeration units that provide a temperature-controlled environment to preserve the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and other sensitive materials. Additionally, our drivers are experienced in the field of pharmaceutical transportation, adhering to strict protocols and taking every precaution to preserve product integrity.